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Meet Our Volunteers - Tricia

Tricia has volunteered with Re-Source for over three years. She always has a supportive shoulder and kind words ready for anyone who needs uplifting. She is our go-to person for removing branding from clothing, and many people sleep better at night thanks to Tricia’s up-cycled pillows. Thank you for your mahi, Tricia!

Q. How did you hear about Re-Source?
A. I first heard about Re-Source as a local Lions member. There was a call for assistance in sourcing a commercial upholstery cleaner to keep quality furnishings out of landfills.

Q. What made you want to volunteer at Re-Source?
A. On meeting with Nadine I remember asking what else was needed. I connected with the team at Re-Source on so many altruistic and personal values. And the vision they held at their core for assisting locals it was a natural progression to volunteer.

Q. What do you like most about volunteering at Re-Source?
A. ‘Giving is living’, be that time, resources/skills, finances or friendship, it gives purpose for being here and that’s why I love volunteering for Re-Source.


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