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Meet our volunteers - Hannah

Meet our volunteers - Hannah

Hannah started volunteering during her gap year in 2022. Now studying for her Bachelor of Climate Change at Waikato University Hannah always makes time to volunteer during the holidays. Hannah tackles every job that comes her way with a smile. She is unfailingly hard-working, pleasant, and polite with every person she meets at Re-Source. Her creative additions to standard jobs elevate them to the next level and we look forward to the holidays when she comes back.

Q. How did you hear about Re-Source?
A. I heard about Re-Source through a family member who was also a volunteer. She expressed that there was a need for volunteers, and I was taking a gap year, so it was a perfect opportunity to begin volunteering with my mum.

Q. What made you want to volunteer at Re-Source?
A. After hearing about Re-Source’s mission, of helping those in greatest need by collecting items that would otherwise go to landfill, it just felt like the best choice for a charity. I’m undergoing a Bachelor of Climate Change at the University of Waikato, learning about the effects of plastic pollution and carbon emissions. Waste is a large contributor.

Q. What do you like most about volunteering at Re-Source?
A. I love the people. It’s so awesome to come in on a Friday morning and get stuck into sorting with great but funny conversations and sometimes listening to music. It is also great to talk to the workers from the organisations that use Re-Source, they truly believe in Re-Source’s mission - and so do I! Also, Womble the cat is absolutely adorable!!


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